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Vampire High: The Story

"When The Great Eclipse plunged the world into darkness, the vampire race erupted in a civil war. The bloodthirsty faction known as The Fury battled the enlightened Elders known as The Convocation for domination of the un-dead.

In desperation, the Elders gathered up those young vampires that could be saved and entrusted them to me to humanize them, to tame their instincts and teach them how to live among mortals."

In the day, we deal with the students of Mansbridge Academy, the last stop resort for troublesome rich kids. The parents, not knowing what to do with the teens leave them at the secluded boarding school hoping for some resolution. By day it seems an average school with teens trying to cope with the years most of us like to forget. Romance, passion, friendship, heartache are just some of the issues Sherry, Mimi and friends contend with over their term at the Academy. Sherry is the loveable girl next door to most (a facade she shuts down when best friend Mimi is around) but is really a deeply romantic and energetic young lady who wants to find her soul mate in life.

But the main focus of the series is the school at night... five vampires by the names Drew, Karl, Essie, Marty and Merrill attend Mansbidge... but they are not your average blood suckers... Yes they sleep in coffins, and yes your right in thinking they drink blood morning, noon and night. But there is one thing that makes this set of vamps different from the rest, unique in fact... they are trying to become more civilised. They are being helped in this matter by the instruction of Professor Murdoch, the head teacher of Mansbridge Academy who himself is an eccentric older gentleman. Sent to the school by their Elders, the vampires try to come to terms with the problems that occur. Style, humour, well written characters and smart direction are only a few of the words and phrases that describe this highly underrated and cult television show.

When we begin at the start of the series, we are introduced to Sherry, a mortal female who feels lost and lonely in life. Not only does she crave love but she needs it to survive. She seems to only be able to seek comfort in her best friend Mimi. Knowing her boyfriend Nick is not the person she is destined to be with, Sherry spends her time working, thinking and recording her thoughts on a Dictaphone.

As night falls we are introduced to the many vampire characters. Karl, the sporty, troublesome teen who was made a vampire only last Halloween, will his immature attitude land him in trouble sooner rather than later? Meek Merrill who is smart and wants to do well, but will her love for others bring out a darker force? Popular and beautiful Essie, a royal by blood seeks comfort in fashion, but does she need more then material possessions? Bad boy Marty, the most evil of the vampires, he likes to cause trouble between the group but will he one day go too far? And finally we have the character of Drew, dark and mysterious, he falls madly in love with mortal Sherry, but what lengths will he go to for the one he desires?

As the characters move through life at Mansbridge they battle each other and the evil fury. But most importantly themselves... Will they all survive their first year at Mansbridge Academy?