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Vampire High Crew

Below is a list with a small biography of the people who worked behind the scenes on the show. This was taken from the original Vampire High website therefore the information below in correct as of 2002. We are trying to gather more recent information and will update as and when we have it.


The co-creator of Vampire High, Mr. Shekter is an internationally renowned television and film writer , producer and composer with extensive awards and credits in the U.S., Canada and Europe. He was written for such artists as Steve Martin, Martin Short, Elton John, Diana Ross and others. His work is seen in over 80 countries with over 300 hours of drama, animation and factual entertainment appearing on all major networks and cable channels including CBS, A&E, DISCOVERY, CBC, TLC, LIFE CHANNEL, YTV, DISCOVERY HEALTH and others worldwide. His credits range from writing Biography for A&E to creating the popular Elephant Show for youth markets, to co-creating and exec-producing Bedtime Primetime Classics — a series of animated specials. Drama credits include Red River, a 4-hour mini-series and Daring and Grace, an internet-based detective series. Mr. Shekter is currently President of MicroTainment Plus International, a full-service film and television company based on Toronto, Canada.


In 1980, when Rock Demers founded Les Productions La Fête, his initial objective was to produce an anthology of feature films destined for family audiences, the celebrated Tales for All. The first film in the collection, The Dog Who Stopped the War, was released in 1984. The collection was an immediate critical and commercial success (garnering over 170 national and international awards in less than 14 years) and it has since expanded to 16 titles. Before turning the page on the 20th century, Rock Demers undertook two great challenges. First, he produced a ten-part television series, Gold, directed by Jean-Claude Lord and starring Marina Orsini and Karl Pruner. Rock Demers also launched a new collection of ten Tales for All with My Little Devil, shot in India, which is the first film in the second collection, although it will be launched after The Hidden Fortress, which opened in theatres on June 22, 2001. On June 12, 2001, Rock Demers was awarded a prestigious Special Lifetime Achievement Award by the Banff International Television Festival, only the third in the Festival’s 22-year history and the first and only ever awarded to a Canadian.


Garry Blye’s work in music and television spans more than four decades. Beginning his career at the William Morris Agency he was eventually appointed Assistant to the Head of TV Variety Packaging Department. Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s Garry produced dozens of television productions including the hit series Sonny and Cher and specials with Richard Pryor, Barry Manilow and Gene Kelly. His over 400 hours of production are seen world-wide on A&E, TLC, DISCOVERY, CBC, the LIFE CHANNEL and many others and The Judge, The Super Dave Osborne Show, as well as Missing Treasures: The Search for our Lost Children. Currently, the co-creator of Vampire High, Mr. Blye is Executive Producing the successful new series Zoo Diaries. Mr. Blye is currently Chairman of MicroTainment Plus International, a film and television company based in Toronto, Canada.


Ina Fichman is an award winning producer of both documentary and drama programs for television. Her work has garnered prizes in Canada and the US and has been shown on a number of networks including CBC, YTV, DISCOVERY, CBS and ITV. Ina Fichman first worked for La Fête as the Associate Producer of the feature film The Return of Tommy Tricker. She was also one of the producers on Land Of Hope, a mini-series for Radio-Canada. Currently, Ina is helming a full slate of family and children’s programming, as well as documentaries. She is currently in production with Vampire High, and recently completed production on the reality series Fire Station #2, for Discovery, WTN, and Canal Z. She has several development deals in place, most notably with CTV, YTV, TVOntario and History Television and is about to embark on the production of the feature Undying Love.


Ronald Gilbert started working in this industry almost two decades ago, arranging financing for a half-dozen Canadian producers, including the popular, award-winning "Tales For All" collection of feature films, produced by Rock Demers. He recently line produced the television series Largo Winch for Paramount International, M6 (France) and Pro Sieben (Germany), the television mini-series Bonanno for Showtime and Hallmark and the feature film Swann starring Miranda Richardson, Brenda Fricker, Michael Ontkean and John Neville. In January 2000, Ronald took an executive position at the Montreal head office of Motion International (re-named TVA International). During that time, Ronald was in charge of the following productions: Largo Winch (for Paramount), Out of Sync (VH1), Stiletto Dance (HBO) and Blind Terror (Hearst). At the end of 2000, Ronald became Vice-President Production of the Montreal-based Productions La Fête.


Érik Canuel has carved out a choice niche for himself in production, both in film and television series. In terms of the latter, we could mention Fortier, Big Wolf on Campus, and The Hunger. He won an award for the IMAX film Hemingway : A Portrait. He has also directed a number of advertising spots (for MacDonald’s, the MUCTC, Loto-Québec) and videoclips.


Carl Goldstein brings extensive television experience and a strong visual sense to Vampire High, having directed multiple episodes of television series such as MTV’s Live Through This, In a Heartbeat, I Was a Sixth Grade Alien and Big Wolf on Campus. Previously, Carl was a 2nd Unit Director on feature films such as The Glimmer Man, Die Hard With a Vengeance and The Last of the Mohicans.


Daniel Grou graduated from Concordia University’s film studies program. Since then, he has directed various television series, such as Vampire High, Drop the Beat I, Drop the Beat II, and The Hunger. He has also directed videoclips for a number of performers, including Céline Dion, Luc de LaRochellière, Claude Dubois, Susan Aglukark, Diane Dufresne and Paul Piché, to name but a few. He has also directed several advertising spots for McDonald’s, Bell, Molson, Mont Saint-Sauveur, and many more.


A veteran writer/director on the Canadian television scene, Jimmy Kaufman brings experience and a great sense of humour to Vampire High. His most recent television credits include directing Big Wolf on Campus, Earth: Final Conflict, Due South and The Hunger.


Giles has directed many feature films such as : Blind Terror, Never Too Late, Ordinary Magic, Princes in Exile, Caddie Woodlawn. He also directed for many television series including: Neverending Story, Blackfly, Cold Squad III et IV, Little Men, Psi Factor I,II & III, Dooley Gardens, Emily of New Moon I, II et III, Traders, Lassie, Side Effects and more. He has been nominated as Best Director for a Gemini Award with the TV series Sirens.


Adam Weissman is a driving force in children’s television, helming such series as MTV’s Live Through This, Disney’s Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Fox Family’s Misguided Angels and Nickelodeon’s The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo.


Mark is an award winning writer with over 300 hours of television programming in drama, animation, youth and factual entertainment. He has written for major stars like Steve Martin, Jack Benny, Martin Short, Leonard Cohen, and the Smothers Brothers and composed for artists like Elton John, Diana Ross, the Bee Gees and others. His drama series include Traders, Daring and Grace, Red River, Sanford and Son, and most recently Vampire High.


Sherman Snukal has been a professional writer for over twenty-five years. His plays have been produced throughout Canada and in the United States. His television writing has been broadcast on major television networks in Canada and the United States.


Nancy Trites Botkin is multi award winning writer/producer/story editor who has created film and TV for twenty-five years for Canadian, U.S. and international markets.


Craig Volk has been involved with some of the most creative and innovative television series produced. He has written for shows such as Northern Exposure, Adventures of Sinbad, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and the critically acclaimed Days & Nights of Molly Dodd. He most recently was Supervising Producer on Higher Ground, for Global Television and Fox Family.


Laura brings a fresh style to Vampire High. She is co-creator and writer of the live action sci-fi pilot Space Pet, for Sullivan Entertainment, and has written extensively for some of the leading children’s television producers, including programs such as Rotten Ralph, Anne of Green Gables, Stickin’ Around and the Emmy-Award winning Rolie Polie Olie.


After working in the design department on numerous projects, among them Free Money, The Hunger, and The Arrival, Jean-François took his first big leap into the Artistic Designer’s chair for Big Wolf on Campus. He has since designed other projects such as The School and Quadroon Ball before taking on Vampire High.


An award winning cinematographer, Daniel Jobin is best known for his stunning work on the feature films Hanging Garden, Lilies and C’t’a ton tour Laura Cadieux. He most recently worked with director Lionel Chetwynd on the feature Varian’s War. Daniel has also worked on television series such as Back to Sherwood as well as the third season of the long-running Mafia series, Omerta.


Yves Bélanger, director of photography, has worked on many commercials and more than 130 videoclips. Early on in his career he won a S.T.C.V.Q. award for "Best Photography Direction" at the Montreal Festival du Court Métrage (the city’s short film festival). In 1998, the movie "The Ghost of Dickens’Past" won an award at the Santa Clarita International Film Festival. Since then, he has worked on feature films and television series for American and Canadian networks, such as ABC, CBC and TVA. In June 2001, he was awarded the Coq d’Or by the Publicité Club de Montréal in the Best Photography Direction category.


Claire Nadon worked in costume design for numerous publicity projects before venturing into design for film and television. A veteran in her craft, Claire has lent her creative vision and talents to such sci-fi projects Satan’ School for Girls and Believe, as well the television series Are You Afraid of the Dark, Fox Family Channel’s Misguided Angels, Big Wolf on Campus, the MOW on the life of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Jackie, and the Quebec feature production of Méchant Party.


The music of composer Simon Carpentier can be heard in several productions and on different channels. Whether he composes for movies, television series, or advertising spots, Simon Carpentier always enriches a production with his creativity and style. He has won numerous awards and citations of excellence in recognition of the quality of his work.”