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Dr. Murdoch’s log entry # 1.

“When the Great Eclipse plunged the world into darkness for a thousand days, the Vampire Race erupted in a civil war. 

“The most vicious and bloodthirsty of the race, THE FURY, battled with their more enlightened brethren, THE CONVOCATION, for domination of the Undead.

“Fearing their cause might be lost and that the human race could succumb to the evil FURY, the elders of the CONVOCATION rescued the few young Vampires that could be saved and hid them away under the care of me, Dr. Reginald Murdoch.  

“My mission: to humanize these unschooled immortals, to teach them compassion for all beings, and to prepare them to join with mortals for the inevitable final battle with the FURY for the future of planet Earth.”