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Paul Hopkins Interview

We would like to thank Paul for the time he spent answering our questions and we wish him all the best for the future!

How did you get the part of Karl Todman?

I was in Los Angeles at the time and was asked to put an audition ‘on tape’ by the initial American producers. For fun, a week later, I was having my cards read by a friend... I wanted to know if I should stay in Los Angeles or go back to Montreal. In the middle of the reading I got a call from my agent saying I got the job! I also found out that the cast included my good friend Jeff Roop. I was more than happy to head back to Montreal and do Vampire High!

Do you have a favourite episode? 

“Little Sister” is my favourite episode. Sarah Smyth (Karl's little sister) breaks my heart. I find it tragic...the idea of watching someone you love suffer, not being able to help them, and having to let them go.

Would you be tempted to return if Vampire High made a come back? 

I'd do it in a second! I had a load of fun working on it. 

What did you like the most about the character of Karl?

Hard to say. I liked that he seemed trapped by his own naiveté... never really sure of how he fit into his new world. He got interesting at the end when he started to rebel and get in touch with his inner demons.

Vampire High has attained something of a cult following since it is still shows on TV in Canada and the UK five years after it finished. In your opinion, what is it about the show that gives it such appeal?

For some reason, people really seem to identify with vampires... or perhaps it’s that we are intrigued by a world that we don’t know or understand! It’s interesting, no? But if I had to compare it with other vampire shows on TV, I would like to think that because of the lack of a lot of the bells and whistles (special effects, stunts, etc.), Vampire High is appealing because it has a lot of heart. Although, I think it would be even more popular if it had a lot of the bells and whistles!!!

Did you enjoy the developing relationship between Karl and Essie? 

Yeah, but what was even better was that it didn't work out. Karl became angst ridden and self-absorbed afterwards, and decided to hate the world... which was more fun to play.

Was it true that Joris and Karen were more then friends while filming Vampire High? 

Curious. Interesting. What exactly do you mean by more? Define friends? You know, it was so long ago...

Did you know any of the cast or crew before being assembled for Vampire High? 

I knew Jeff Roop well... we'd produced a couple of plays together and were good friends! I'd met Ilona and Karen before and was a big fan of them both. I'd never met Joris and Meghan but we all became very tight, very fast.

Do you get to see anything of each other since the show finished? 

Initially, we remained very close, but as time went by we found ourselves in different places, doing different things. But we try to keep up when we can.

What was it like to be central to the series finale of the show? 

I loved it! I think Karl had a wonderful regression. But what does it mean that he didn't graduate? Does he stay behind a grade? Does he get thrown back to the wolves, or rather humans, soul-less and without hope of redemption?

Was it good to show the bad side to Karl in the end after becoming quite tame due to his love for Essie? 

Yes, the whole thing with Essie was a real blow to the ego...but who else is there to blame but the whole universe. Great fun! Who hasn't felt like the universe is against them?

Any trivia or gossip from your time on the show?

Hmmm... well maybe this: we all wore blue contacts on the show to unify our cold stare.  

And finally what are you up to at the moment? 

I just finished doing a string of plays with The Stratford Festival of Canada and then in Toronto. I have a film called My First Wedding that just came out on DVD and a movie called Still Life that should be coming out this spring.

Nice to see that Vampire High is still going strong. It's been fun to reminisce!

Paul Hopkins