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Marianne Farley Interview

We would like to thank Marianne for the time she spent answering our questions and we wish her the very best for the future!

How did you get the part of Dillan Vanderson?

I auditioned for the part and was cast after 3 auditions. They were looking for someone quirky looking so, I think it took them a little while to realize that I could pull it off. I was blond at the time, which gave me a much softer look.

What attracted you to the show and your character?

I really fell in love with Dillan because she was an extremely complex character. She was very tough (even a little bitchy) but also sensitive and kind (something she would not show very often). I was excited to be part of the show because I though the basic idea was great and that it had a lot of potential (the storyline, character arc, etc.)

What inspired the bright red hair?

The German movie "Run Lola Run" was our inspiration (one of my favorite movies). It was a way to make me look tougher. I really thought the bright red gave Dillan the extra edge she needed.

How did you feel about becoming a main character in a show with an already established line-up?

I was exhilarated and a bit nervous at first. Fortunately, I already knew Paul, Ilona and Karen and everyone made me feel right at home.

If the show had had another season, how would you have liked to see your character progress?

I would have loved to see Dillan become a "mutant" vampire (half human and half vampire). I thought it would have been interesting to see her go through the emotional roller coaster of never knowing who or what she had become. Also, to see how she would deal with her love for Drew and her repugnance of what he represents.

When did you find out that the series was not going to be renewed?

We were never officially told. We just figured it wasn't going to come back because the production company never asked us to sign for another season.

Would you do more Vampire High if the series was revived?

Absolutely! We really had a blast working on it!

Vampire High has attained something of a cult following. In your opinion, what is it about the show that gives it such appeal?

I think all the characters are very distinct and are also endearing. People can recognise themselves in at least one of the characters. Even though they were vampires, they were human in the sense that they were not perfect. And that makes it interesting to play but also to watch.

What are you up to at the moment?

I just finished a short film called "Now that we know..." and am working on getting a movie I have been working on for 2 years produced.

Thank you very much Kathryn and Alex. It was a pleasure answering your questions!