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Character: Marty Strickland

Character Name: Marty Strickland

The character of Marty is the Vampire we all love to hate. His witty comments, smart mouth have made the character one to stick in all our memories. Sometimes Marty can be too cruel towards his fellow vampires which could lead to his downfall.

What did Joris think of his time on the show? We find out here...

"The most challenging thing that has happened to me over the last six months would be just be the working...and being on a television series as an actor to try and, um, remain creative as an actor in an atmosphere that is, um..well, chaotic and exhausting and, um, start stopping and starting and to just remind focussed and y'know, to remember what you're, you're here for and who your character is and what they want and , um, what the story is. Because in television, you live every day as, as the person. There's not necessarily an arch in every episode, or an arc, a character arc, and or even there is one throughout the season but you're talking over six to eight months of shooting. And to recognise what that arc is, to constantly be involved in it and to be aware of it and to be working with it is...very challenging."

Played By: Joris Jarsky

Name: Joris Jarsky

Birth Date: 3 December 1974

Joris Jarsky was born in Toronto, Canada but only really got into acting in 2000 when he had a small role in Nuremberg. From then on he has had lots of work every year since filming finished on Vamprie High. He recently had a starring role in the popular SAW series of films SAW V!