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Joris Jarsky Interview

We would like to thank Joris for the time he spent answering our questions and we wish him the very best for the future!

What did you like the most about your character?

I liked that Marty was a free spirit...he was his own man...and he always managed to have a good time no matter what the circumstances were.

How did you get the part of Marty Strickland?

I read for the part months before I got it.

Which scene or episode did you enjoy the most?

I think the Essie spell episode was pretty fun... and the one where I got to sing (badly).

Did you enjoy the developing relationship between Merrill and Marty?

I thought what we tried to do with Merrill and Marty was cool. Opposites attract. Marty and Merrill were both quite lonely...and their names both started with M...which is very important for a stable relationship.

If the show had had another season, how would you have liked to see your character progress?

If there was another season...I would of liked to see more blood...perhaps Marty could have eaten all the day schoolers once and for all.

Would you do more Vampire High if the series was revived? long as I didn't have to wear that purple coat.

Vampire High has attained something of a cult following since it is still shows on TV in canada and the UK five years after it finished. In your opinion, what is it about the show that gives it such appeal?

I think the show has a certain charm. We all really wanted to make the show as good as possible. We all had a great time doing it...perhaps that shines through...despite the purple coat.

Marty and Merrill had many moments together, what was it like working with Ilona in these scenes?

Ilona was an absolute pleasure to work with. Kind, generous and always a professional.

Did you enjoy the song between Merrill and Marty in the episode "Lost Weekend"?

Uhm...yes I did. Quite ridicules...and possibly bad...but yes I did enjoy it.

And one from the ladies of the board, do you have a real tattoo and were?

Yes I do have tattoos. Two... one on each shoulder.

Thanks for interest. Best of luck. JJ