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Character: Essie Rachimova

Character Name: Essie Rachimova

Essie is very much with the fashion side of things. She is dark and beautiful creature who ends up falling for Karl, but has she taken on too much at once and is Karl really the one?

What did Karen think of her time on the show? We find out here...

"Why I love this one so much is basically because they aged me really to about a hundred years old. And it was an amazing process just the whole moulding of my face and so basically the applying the, the prosthetics and um, y'know just like a mask right on my face. It took about three hours and I really looked old. And I was about a hundred years old and, uh, and its a really, really beautiful, dramatic story about y'know like death and about y'know a lot of things happen. Theres a little love story in there too. It was a really nice scene to play, y'know. Because Essie is always, I always play Essie y'know, just being self-confident and never vulnerable and here she was, totally vulnerable. She actually says shes sorry for some things and it was really nice to play. And fun to see myself a hundred years old! A little scary! I hope I never get to see that. *Karen laughs*"

Played By: Karen Cliche

Name: Karen Cliche

Birth Date: 22 July 1976

Karen, as many of her co-stars in Vampire High had acted before and has had success since the show finished. Born in Quebec, Canada, Karen has starred in many major television shows such as Flash Gordon and has recently completed filming on the new SAW movie!