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Character: Drew French

Character Name: Drew French

Drew is a dark and deep character who falls for Sherry, a beautiful girl. But the unfortunate problem is she is human and Drew is a Vampire. As the series continues we see the two in turmoil as they decicde whether or not they can be together. There are many particular scenes and episodes from the series that showcase the talents of Jeff in the role of Drew. The character of Sherry proved the main focal point for Drew when she was alive and when she had died.

What did Jeff think of Drew? We find out here...

"Um, Drew I guess is basically the, I mean he's the romantic essence of it, of the show. He's the one that comes closest to typifying, sort of, the artistic, poetic notion of what a vampire is. Romantic, passionate, emotional, uh, torn between his, his hatred of who he is and sort of, he's trying to accept who he is and hating it, but also loving it at the same time. In terms of the group he's probably the one who's the biggest loner. The one who's most apart from them. Who, um, has the hardest time fitting in, and who really doesn't wanna fit in. I think he's the one who comes closest to sort of the Count Dracula notion of a vampire."

Played By: Jeff Roop

Name: Jeff Roop

Birth Date: 21 August 1973

Jeff is best known for his role in Vampire High but has had a successful career since the show finished. His most recent role was in Before You Say 'I Do'.