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Character: Dr. Reginald Murdoch

Character Name: Dr Reginald Murdoch

A strange and mysterious character from the beginning the audience never really know what to think about Dr Murdoch and his ways. He never seems to sleep as the day is devoted to Sherry, Mimi, Malcolm, Nick and his other students while the night is when the vamps come out to play. 

Through the series small developments behind his character are revealed such as loosing the love of his life and being haunted by this fact every year since his loss. We are also lead to believe at some points that Murdoch may not be completely human...

Played By: David McIlwraith

Name: David McIlwraith

David McIlwraith is a well known actor having major success with television and film roles as can be seen below, of his time on Vampire High David said

"I also think that it, part of being a good teacher, or an exceptional teacher in this particular case, as I'm supposed to be, is the wisdom that comes from the ages. That you gain, that you can only gain a great deal have to obviously accept the whole mythology of vampires to begin with so lets just asssume that we accept that. Then, y'know, you have those Centuries of wisdom to draw on. And bring that to the students. Y'know, that, to me, is, and not just to the vampire students, but to actually be able to bring that to the other students as well. And say, 'I'm not just talking about this, I'm not just a guy who's...' I can't say that to them but to know internally that I'm not just a guy who you, y'know, studied this at University and knows it. I've been there. I've been there and I know what I'm talking about."