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Character: Dillan Vanderson

Character Name: Dillan Vanderson

With wild red hair (inspired by the German movie RUN LOLA RUN) Dillan made an immediate impact when she entered the show mid-way through it's run. A rebel seemingly without a cause, she annoyed Sherry from the beginning of their friendship but also added spice to the human lot which did need the kick Dillan gave. 

Although she came across cruel and cold-hearted there was a lot more to Dillan than she was ever given credit for. We see glimmers of passion shine from her persona every so often when she tackles different issues such as Sherry's death and falling under the spell of Karl and rogue vamp Bridget. The finale focussed on Dillan and whether she would survive the vamp attack, and seemingly to the others she did. But as the series closed, all was not right will Dillan as characteristics of a vampire's nature begun to sneak through...

Played By: Marianne Farley

Name: Marianne Farley

Birth Date: Not known

In Marianne's own words, "I’m an actress / singer / «green freak» / idealist / passionate / woman. I love what I do. I enjoy being around inspired, positive people. This moment is it. That’s all I know for sure." Marianne is a strong and passionate person who has had many roles that vary in character. This shows just how talented she is through-out all of her work.