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Adam McDonald Interview

We would like to thank Adam for the time he spent answering our questions and we wish him all the best for the future.

What was it like playing one of the only human characters on the show?

I really enjoyed it. When the show is called Vampire High and you're not playing a vampire the pressures off and you can have a lot of fun.

Do you have a favourite moment in the series?

I don't have a favourite but I have a most memorable. Going through the window in episode one was definitely something that I will never forget.

How did you get the role of "Nick"?

At first I was asked to read for Marty. A couple of weeks later I got a call from my agent, telling me they wanted me for Nick. I was the first one cast in the show which I thought was kind of cool.

If Vampire High returned, would you be willing to come back? 

Of course.

When did you decide to become a director? 

I love creating something from the ground up and directing my own projects can allow me to do that.

Which do you enjoy more, directing or acting?

To me they're one of the same. But at the moment and ever since I co-wrote and directed a short film for Bravo television, the idea of directing excites me more.

Vampire High has attained something of a cult following since it is still shown on TV in Canada and the UK five years after it finished. In your opinion, what is it about the show that gives it such appeal?

Genre films and television tend to have a cult following because a group of the same type of person can get together and keep it alive, which I find to be very powerful.

Was it a shock when Sherry died or was it known from the start that she would be killed of?

A shock!

Was it difficult loosing the character of Sherry considering how complex the relationship between your character Nick and the character of Sherry was?

Personally yes because the story line dried up a bit for Nick after she was gone.

Was being possessed by a Demon and getting to play an evil character exciting? 

Oh ya! That's my favourite episode I was in. A little trivia for you: Malcolm's father was originally supposed to play that role of being possessed. Unfortunately he almost lost his finger in a car door right before shooting and he had to go to the hospital. So the shows creators ask me to fill in at the last minute.

If the show had had another season, how would you have liked to see your character progress?

I would love to have become a vampire. That way I could hang out with my friends on the show and I would also get to live on the other side.

And finally what are you up to at the moment?

I did three movies the past year as an actor. One called 14 days in paradise another called Victor for the CBC and a film called punchy. You're not going to believe this but on two of those films I worked with Jeff Roop, who is also my cousin. More trivia for ya.

Good questions and all the best.