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About Us

A brief history about our little site...

In 2006, when UK television station the Horror Channel (now Zone Horror) began re-airing the series, a whole slew of new fans appeared on the Vampire High scene, including myself, Alex (known as Scanjet on the VH forum). After watching the series and falling in love with it I decided to create a small fan-site dedicated to the show which went live in January 2006. 

After the launch I worked for a few months with timeladyshayde (Katherine) who put a lot of effort into certain areas of the website and who also had a strong passion for Vampire High. Later in 2006 the series' homeland, Canada, began to reshow the series and the fan group really took off with a whole host of fans on both sides of the Atlantic. 

After some time had passed timeladyshayde had to move on to other projects and I welcomed Melissa Kane (Debz) as part of the VH website family.

In 2006/2007, thanks to hard work behind the scenes, we secured interviews with many of the shows original cast and crew and struck up a line of contact with the writer and creator of Vampire High, Mr Mark Shekter. Mark was so impressed with our dedication and enthusiasm that he kindly granted permission for us to be the Official Vampire High website.

To this day, perhaps due to the demand by fans, Vampire High is regularly shown around the world and can currently be viewed on HULU, USA Netflix and USA iTunes. Also the show has been uploaded onto YouTube and the hits are into the many tens of thousands, not bad for a show that only aired 26 episodes over 12 years ago!

This site has continued to grow and we have recently relaunched in February 2014 with a new look and a whole host of new features. We hope you continue to visit our site and forum. Along the way we have also had help from MarieC, Minpetella (Lisa) and others and they have all contributed to the site and forum in various ways.

Again thank you for visiting!

Alex (Scanjet) and Debz (Melissa Kane)